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Nothing says love like my man and my gia
rabbit valley 2
❤❤❤ #holdsmyheart #aqhaproud #summergoals
When your BF cuts down a tree for you and you gotta get it back to the house #merrychristmas #aqhapr
Boom, and just like that school is out and summer is officially begun for me with the first riding l
Char looking good and making me proud today on her colt Baby...jpg
Fantastic opening day of first season! My fiance and I got to spend time together doing what we love
Merry Christmas!! #AQHAproud
Couldn't be more proud of these 2 getting along together, getting out, and riding around! Here's to
Another good day with Sunny on the calendar.jpg


Helping You Reach Your Equine Goals

goals came true. To have a little roan colt out of my favorite quarter horse mare and a good stallio

Gain control of your mind, Gain control of your horse

If you are looking for knowledge and experience with a down to earth and honest approach, training with Jones equine may be a great option for you. Sessions are done  with personalized plans to help you reach your equine goals.

Merry Christmas!! #AQHAproud

Meet our Breeding stock

I have carefully selected each one of the equines in our breeding program to be able to produce outstanding working partners. Equines in our breeding program are selected using 3 criteria; 
1. Sound, healthy genetics
2. Trainable, friendly, working dispositions
3. Color and Conformation

Couldn't be more proud of these 2 gettin

Here at Jones equine we offer mules to suite a variety of needs, hobbies, and lifestyles. We also have horses that come through training that are looking for a new home. If you are looking to add to your herd or buy your first equestrian partner let Jones equine help you find the perfect match.

Honesty and Integrity

Always leave things better than how they are found

The Jones Equine Promise


This one just because Chardy is pretty a

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