My dad always says that I said "horse" before I ever said "dad". I don't know how true that is but I know that his heart must have sank when I was a little girl and I told him I wanted to be a "horse rider and an artist!" when I grew up. Even still he indulged my passions as a kid and bought my first horse, a painted pony mare, that I named, Little Feather. As I grew Little Feather stayed small and dad decided we better find a bigger horse that could handle my daily horse shananigans. When we sold Little Feather dad tried to console me by saying "Honey, its just a phase."


After gaining a degree in equine science from Colorado State University, working as an assistant to a well known trainer, working as a stagecoach driver and wrangler in yellowstone and going off on my own to build a equine business dad and I both agree that it is safe to say that horses have never just been a "phase" in my life.

Through out my life I have had many experiences with my equine partners like playing at the american polocrosse nationals and local/regional tournaments, Showing on the colorado reined cowhorse show circuit, going on cattle drives, competing in ranch sorting events, competing at local horse shows in western classes and gymkhanas, going on wagon and trail rides, packing and camping in the summers and during hunting season pulling sleds and skijoring in the winter.

I love the time I have spent with the horses that have carried me around on their backs or followed me through the mountains. I look forward to many more years of this kind of time well spent.

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