Creating lasting partnerships

Here are a few of the equines that have been sold. Jones equine is about making partnerships that work for both horse and rider, not just making a buck.


This is where it all started. Remington was the first horse trained and sold here. He came in as a fat, froggy, barn/buddy sour, spook. He left as a sweet, trail savvy, gymkhana winning, reliable partner. 


Quarter Horse/Arab


15 years old (at date of sale)


Pete came to me as a scrawny, pot bellied, wormy, scraggly yearling. With proper nutrition, a worming routine, and vet care he became one of the most beautiful and loved horses to come through my program. He was the horse that family would come and ride if they didn't know how. I was a bit heart broken to see this one go.

Buckskin Stockhorse (Grade)

5 years old (at time of sale)

sorrel chestnut paint mare rope horse profile conformation

A mare that taught me more than I ever trained her. She came in as a hardly-halter-broke wild-eyed 3 year old. This big, beautiful, and athletic mare gave me a run for my money. Within a couple years of consistent handling, riding, and good experiences she turned into one of my all time favorite mares. I could put anyone on her, and go to any type of event and have a great time.
Sorrel/white paint


7 years old (at time of sale)

 Congratulation to the Scott family on their purchase of JE Chardy's Sammule. We sure are going to miss this easy going, fun loving, guy but we are excited to see all that you accomplish together!

6 Month old 


John Mule

Buckskin gelding on a trail ride in a creek through a canyon
Bay gelding white socks profile conformation
Palomino paint mare ranch horse profile conformation sandstone rock cowhorse

The first horse to be bred, raised, and trained here. During her 5 years with me she was definitely a crowd pleaser with a super calm disposition and flashy color. She did it all from trail riding, riding bareback, jumping, reining, chasing cows, and polocrosse. This little lady was a true gem.
Palomino Paint


5 years old (at time of sale)