Colt Starting


*2 month minimum

A good foundation is critical to a lifetime of enjoyment in the partnership of you and your equine. Jones Equine will put the right start on your horse, mule, or riding donkey. Professional education and experience from Colorado State University colt starting program, working as an assistant trainer for horse trainer Aaron Ralston, and over 20 years of personal experience, you can be confidant that your horse will get a full and well rounded foundation.


Jones equine provides maneuver checklists for you to use and take home. These lists are age and stage appropriate so you have a clear understanding of what your equine is capable of at each stage of training. Once your equine has a solid foundation use these lists to customize other abilities you would like your horse to have like showing, gymkhanas, polocrosse, packing, trail riding  and more!

Tune - Ups


Already have a broke horse that you love and enjoy but lately you have noticed that your equine isn't performing quite like they used to? Horses are constantly learning from every interaction that they have with us and it could be time for a tune-up. Bring your equine partner to jones equine for a month at a time to sharpen the skills and abilities that your horse or mule already has. You can also bring your equine in to add more abilities to their tool kit from using our customizable maneuvers checklist.

Foal Training

Prices vary depending on needs and goals. Contact us  for a free quote!

Ground work is the foundation to a good riding experience. We offer all sorts of ground training for your foal from the the basics like catching, haltering, and loading in a trailer all the way up to more advanced work like liberty (maneuvers without ropes). If you are wanting to get your foal ready to ride or just wanting to make them a little easier to manage and be around, contact us so we can help!